Best Sellers

Standard Foam Boards

Ours’s is a one shop stop for foam boards and substrates as we own a huge variety of them. The types include Self-Adhesive boards, Fomecor, Acid Free, PVC Sintra and many more. You can purchase all sizes and thickness of foam boards in a number of colors.

One-Sided Colored Foam Board

One-Sided colored foamboard is strong, rigid and amazingly lightweight. The vibrantly colored clay coated surface paper is is bonded to both the sides. Ideal for craftwork, school/college projects, framing and mounting.

Sintra® PVC Foam Board

Sintra® PVC is moderately expanded closed-cell polyvinyl chloride bound to a sheet with low gloss matte finish. Commonly used for photo mounting, displaying and other applications including outdoor use. They are also obtainable with a self-adhesive peel and stick film mounting.


Gatorfoam is an extruded polystyrene foam board bonded between two Luxcell layers. It is an industry leading heavy duty foam board commonly used for digital and screen printing.

Acid-Free Foam Board

Popular amongst professional framers, artists, photographers and craftspeople who wasn’t o preciously conserve their artwork. Acid-Free boards incorporate the ability to be cleanly cut and bounce back from the compression of the cut. In addition, they provide an acid free barrier between mounting board and artwork.

Flame Resistant Foam Board

This foam board substrate is used in tradeshows or any event where fire safety is concerned. The Flame resistant board resists ignition and combustion and is excellent for die cutting, mounting and screen printing.

Self-Adhesive Foam Board

Self-Adhesive foam board is lightweight yet strong that cuts easily that comes in smooth surface resists warping. Also extensively used for cold mounting purpose and in various artwork. The chemically inert material sports easy peel and stick adhesive.

Self-Adhesive Sintra® PVC Board

Self-Adhesive Sintra® PVC board is popularly used in backing artwork and mounting photographs. It possesses high rigidity, excellent dimensional stability, bondable and is self-extinguishing. Simply peel and mount.

Design & Cutting Tools

Foam board requires perfect cutting else it results in jagged edges. We deliver a huge variety of foam board accessories that includes design and cutting tools. The tools include quality hot wire cutter, Olfa knives, rulers, etc.